Aaron Hoover

Author, Pastor

Traders Point Christian Church

I will be speaking on:

Supporting and Ministering to Those with Mental Health Issues

How God's Response to Depression Should Inform Ours

Have you wondered what the Bible says about mental illness? Specifically, how God would address anxiety and depression today? By looking at examples in scripture of how God responds to people who are struggling with their mental health, we can more effectively minister to ourselves and people around us who are suffering today.

Understanding and Identifying Mental Health Issues

What does the Bible say about common mental health stigmas?

There are several stigmas surrounding mental health, especially for Christians. By honestly looking at them and what the Bible has to say about each one, we can better combat these stigmas moving forward.

The stigmas we'll look at are:
- Mental illness is a sign of weakness
- Mental illness is a sin issue
- Mental illness needs to be surrendered to Jesus, and he will take care of it
- Mental illness should just be prayed away
- Mental illness only affects people who don't have enough faith
- Mental illness is just a sign of being tested

Mental Health FAQ: Advocacy

How can I address the often negative portrayal of mental health issues in the Bible?

Mental Health FAQ: Education

Is it okay for a Christian to seek help for mental health?

Mental Health FAQ: Faith

How can I integrate my faith into my mental health treatment and recovery?

Mental Health FAQ: Friend/Family

How can I create a supportive and safe environment for people with mental health issues in my church or ministry?

About Me

Aaron Hoover is an advocate for people struggling with mental illness, especially those in the church who may be suffering in silence. He has lived with clinical anxiety, depression, and OCD for more than two decades and has seen God's faithfulness in the midst of the pain.

He is compelled to speak up and write about this issue, hoping that God will redeem his experience by pointing others to the same hope he's found.

Aaron is the Ministries Pastor at Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN, a multisite church. He has served in full-time ministry there for eight years and has been a member of the church's executive team for three years.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Religious Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Evangelism and Church Planting.

He has been married for 13 years to his wife and best friend, Megan. They share three world-changing sons, Wesley, Abram, and Roman.

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