Ann-Marie Covert

Social Worker Psychotherapist & Clinical Director

Mindjoy Counselling & Training

I will be speaking on:

Understanding and Identifying Mental Health Issues

Coping with Toxic Stress: Strategies for Church Leaders to Heal from Burnout

During this talk, Ann-Marie will explain what toxic stress is, how to recognize the signs, and how to take care of your mental health by looking at your nervous system. Ann-Marie will normalize why ministry leaders are so vulnerable to living with hidden stress, and will provide hope along with very practical tools to mitigate burnout. These tools will be directly useful for ministry leaders, as well as for the people they care for.

About Me

Ann-Marie is a Social Worker Psychotherapist, and the Founder and Clinical Director of Mindjoy Counselling & Training.  Ann-Marie worked in community mental health for 16 years, and during that time she provided counseling case management services, and managed a number of youth and adult mental health programs across Central Eastern Ontario.  With a desire to integrate God into clinical mental health care, Ann-Marie started her own private practice "Mindjoy", three years ago. Ann-Marie has a passion to help people receive excellent holistic counselling – looking at the spirit, soul, and body - to help people truly heal and recover.  Ann-Marie also endeavours to demystify mental and emotional wellness in the church, and loves training and equipping ministry leaders with tools to take care of their own mental health, while they care for others.

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