Curtis Chang

Executive Director

Redeeming Babel

I will be speaking on:

Understanding and Identifying Mental Health Issues

Getting to the Bottom of Your Anxiety

The root cause of anxiety is the fear of a future loss, whether it is an abstract loss like self-image or a tangible loss like financial income. When Christians begin to understand why they fear that particular loss, they can begin to invite God into the very core of their anxiety.

About Me

Curtis Chang is the Founder and Executive Director of Redeeming Babel, as well as host of the Good Faith Podcast. He is also the founder and CEO of Consulting Within Reach (CWR), a firm serving nonprofits and government agencies. His consulting work has won an award in social innovation from the Obama White House, and he teaches strategic planning as a faculty member of American University’s School of International Service. In the Christian world, he is a consulting professor at Duke Divinity School and a Senior Fellow at Fuller Theological Seminary. Curtis is also a former senior pastor of an Evangelical Covenant Church in San Jose, California. He is the author of the upcoming book, The Anxiety Opportunity: How Worry Is the Doorway to Your Best Self and Engaging Unbelief: A Captivating Strategy from Augustine and Aquinas, and contributor to several other books.

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