DJ Chuang


Christian Asian Mental Health

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BIPOC/Asian American Mental Health

5 Ingredients for Your Church to Care and Support Everyone's Mental Health

Learn 5 simple ingredients that will make your church become known for being a safe place that cares and supports people who experience mental health challenges in life, whether that's stress or burnout, depression or anxiety, grief or loss, or diagnosed disorders. This practical talk explains how each ingredient works together to complement the professional health care provided by counselors, therapists, and medication, for the best

About Me

DJ Chuang is the Director of Christian Asian Mental Health, an initiative of Asian American Christian Collaborative, to advance compassion and care in Asian American churches for everyone. He also co-hosts the Erasing Shame podcast and works as a freelance digital strategy consultant with churches and nonprofits. He lives in Orange County, California, often wears orange, and loves to connect with people in-person and online.

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