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Self-Care and Resilience for Church Leaders

Seven Types of Rest for Improved Energy, Creativity, and Productivity

How can you keep your energy, happiness, creativity, and relationships fresh and thriving in the midst of never-ending family demands, ministry pressures, daily stress, and changes? In this session, Dr. Saundra shares the reason why so many leaders are tired all the time and provides the building blocks to rebuilding a strong wellbeing foundation. Her research on the seven types of rest is discussed including ways to determine which type of rest you need most and how to get more of each. This practical approach incorporates restorative activities in the middle of your busy day without waiting for the next sabbatical or vacation. When you are equipped with a restorative strategy, you will experience improved energy levels throughout the day which helps sustain your creativity, mental clarity, and overall productivity. Receive practical takeaways you can immediately put into practice to cultivate resilience and overcome burnout.

About Me

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is a Board-Certified internal medicine physician, work-life integration researcher, and founder of Restorasis – a workplace wellbeing consulting agency. She is an international thought leader in her field featured in numerous media outlets including Prevention, MSNBC, Focus on the Family, Fast Company, Psychology Today, K-Love, CNN, Daystar, INC, and TED.com. She is the author of numerous books including her bestseller Sacred Rest: Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, Restore Your Sanity, including insight on the seven types of rest needed to optimize your productivity, increase your overall happiness, overcome burnout, and live your best life. Over 250,000 people have discovered their personal rest deficits using her free assessment at RestQuiz.com. Learn more about Dr. Saundra at DrDaltonSmith.com

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