Gabriel Lowe

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Coastal Therapy Group

I will be speaking on:

Trauma and Grief

Learning to Mourn: Worden's Four Tasks of Mourning

All of us experience loss at some time in our life, and grief is the normal response our bodies have to loss. Mourning refers to the ways in which we take intentional steps to process our grief. While there is no singular "right way" to mourn, Worden's Four Tasks of Mourning model provides helpful guidance for what healthy mourning can look like.

Mental Health FAQ: Education

As a pastor, how can I recognize the signs of depression and anxiety in myself and others?

Mental Health FAQ: Education

As a pastor, how can I support someone who is struggling with depression or anxiety?

Mental Health FAQ: Healing

How can I find a mental health professional who is sensitive to my Christian beliefs and values?

Mental Health FAQ: Scripture or Resources

How does the Bible address the topic of mental health and how we should approach it as believers?

Mental Health FAQ: Stigma

How can I find support and understanding from my Christian community when struggling with the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness?

About Me

Dr. Gabe Lowe is a clinical psychologist (PSY33003) and received his Master’s and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology in La Mirada, CA. Currently, he is providing online therapy with Coastal Therapy Group based in San Diego. His internship and fellowship training were in behavioral health integration in primary care clinics. Additionally, he has clinical experience working with diverse populations in settings such as inner-city community mental health, middle school psychoeducational assessment, university counseling centers, and neuropsychological assessment. His research has primarily been in the area of motivation, person-job fit, and flow theory. Dr. Lowe is passionate about helping churches meet the mental health needs of their congregations and communities through education, leadership development, and facilitating retreats. He currently lives in Fresno, California with his wife.

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