Jeremy Smith

Owner, Licensed Clinical Counselor

I will be speaking on:

Self-Care and Resilience for Church Leaders

99 Self-Care Techniques for Christians

We want to go over how to use evidence-based coping skills that integrate our Christian faith and values using the 99 Self-Care Techniques for Christians resource. Specifically, we will be learning how to do Breath Prayer, Mindfulness via Lectio Divina, and Christian support networks and discipleship such as Celebrate Recovery.

About Me

Jeremy Smith is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, supervisor, and helped up a Co-Occurring treatment program at a community mental health center in Ohio. Prior to this, he worked in Colorado as a Co-Occurring counselor for three years as a counselor and helped create an inpatient treatment center specifically for those who struggle with opioid dependency. He was a staff person for Youth for Christ for 8 years in Ohio's Campus Life, in Colorado with YFCMilitary at the Air Force Academy, and a year at the YFC/USA National Office. In his free time, he helps at his church, spends time with his wife, takes his children to sports and other activities, and loves to write for his website

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