Jess Cho Kim

Chair, Mental Health Committee

Grace Ministry Church

I will be speaking on:

BIPOC/Asian American Mental Health

Joining the Movement Toward Mental Health in the Asian American Church

This talk describes how a small predominantly Asian American church started a mental health ministry. Hear about the journey of Grace Ministry Church in the South Jersey area that started just three years ago. The hope is to encourage other AAPI church leaders to start similar ministries in their own churches too.

About Me

Jess Cho Kim is a licensed clinical social worker, and chairs the mental health ministry at her local church, Grace Ministry. She has over 15 years of practice experience working with youth, adults, and families across various mental health settings. She advocates for culturally situated mental health interventions to serve Asian Americans, who have the lowest rates of mental health service use due to systemic barriers. Thinking outside the box of western psychiatric models of treatment where care is typically delivered 1:1 in a therapist's office, Jess believes mental health interventions for Asian Americans can also come in the form of teaching Asian American history in schools as well as cultivating a safe space in churches where mental health concerns should be normalized. She is an activist and community organizer, and serves on the boards of Mustard Seed Generation, Make Us Visible NJ, and Asian American Alliance in South Jersey.

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