Joe Padilla


Mental Health Grace Alliance

I will be speaking on:

Supporting and Ministering to Those with Mental Health Issues

Reimagining Mental Health Support Groups into a Discipleship Growth Experience

The mental health "support group" model can be innovated into a simple discipleship experience with real results. Utilizing proven and scientific concepts, mental health "support" can help people reimagine how Jesus works amid any mental health challenge (for the individual, marriages, and families). The church is a major player in transforming mental health. This session shows you how.

About Me

JOE PADILLA is a Baylor University graduate and a licensed and ordained minister with over 30 years of experience in stateside and cross-cultural missions and non-profit development programs. Joe co-founded Mental Health Grace Alliance (The Grace Alliance) in 2011 and co-authored the Grace Alliance’s small group curriculums and training programs, having positive outcomes published in four different psychological journals. The Grace Alliance small groups (Grace Groups) have grown into one of the largest networks of Christian mental health groups across the globe. Through the Grace Alliance, Joe has provided his evidence-based mental health resiliency coaching for hundreds of individuals and families, worked with community initiatives, trained hundreds of leaders, and presented at various conferences, churches, seminaries, and universities.

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