Jon Pyle

Associate Pastor

CityChurch San Antonio

I will be speaking on:

BIPOC/Asian American Mental Health

Cultivating Restorative Community in (Mostly) White Church Spaces

As BIPOC in the evangelical world, we have unique mental health challenges and needs that can rarely be addressed by the predominantly white systems in which we serve. In fact, the system itself may be the source of some of our stress, anxiety and trauma. So how can we survive and even [GASP] thrive in our churches and ministries? Our best opportunity for sustainable peace is cultivating restorative community with other BIPOC.

Mental Health FAQ: Faith

Is it possible to be a faithful Christian and also struggle with mental illness?

Mental Health FAQ: Healing

How can I recognize and address my own mental health needs as a pastor?

Mental Health FAQ: Stigma

How can I help break down the barriers to seeking help for mental health issues within the Christian community?

About Me

Jon Pyle serves the people of CityChurch San Antonio and created his own podcast about making you and the church "Better on the Inside" . As a teenager in the late 90's, Jon converted to Christianity from his first religion: Pop Culture. He is a fun sock enthusiast, retired sports blogger, tea drinker and world-class hugger.

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