Katie R. Dale

Author, Artist, Advocate

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I will be speaking on:

Understanding and Identifying Mental Health Issues

Serious Mental Illness: What Every Pastor Ought to Know About SMI

Serious (or sometimes phrased "Severe") Mental Illness includes diagnoses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. Church members are not immune to inheriting Serious Mental Illness, and it is found in about 3 in every 100 congregants. After hearing this talk, you'll better understand the basics of these disorders, but also what Biblical and basic clinical answers exist that reconcile faith in a God who heals with a lifelong brain illness.

About Me

Katie Dale is no stranger to the storms of mental illness. Having been diagnosed with a serious mental illness and journeying through two severe episodes, she has chronicled this in her award-winning memoir, But Deliver Me from Crazy. She has served those with mental illness in role as caseworker at an outpatient clinic and currently serves on nonprofit boards to advance compassionate treatment for those with SMI. She advocates online and in-person speaking to the need for insight to enlighten society and the church. Katie is married to Chris, her hero in uniform, is mother to her son Jaxon in heaven, and daughter Kylie on earth. You can find her at KatieRDale.com and on social media @KatieRDale.

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