Matt Adair

Pastor for Transformational Discipleship

Transformational Discipleship

I will be speaking on:

Self-Care and Resilience for Church Leaders

Developing Emotional Maturity

Most church leaders are emotionally immature and it's damaging their mental health. In this coaching session, Matt Adair gives you a simple framework to assess the current state of your emotional health and a clear plan for taking next steps to keep growing into emotional maturity.

About Me

Matt Adair is the Pastor for Transformational Discipleship at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell. He is also the Founder of Transformational Discipleship, an initiative to help churches make disciples who love like Jesus.

Matt has pastored churches in Birmingham, AL and Athens, GA, and also currently serves as the Director of Discipleship for The 95 Network. Matt and his wife, Lindsey, have been married since 1998 and have three sons, Jonathan, Will and Ben.

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