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Self-Care and Resilience for Church Leaders

Build A Strategic Marriage Ministry In Your Church

We help churches create a long-term strategy on building strong marriages in their church. Marriage conferences, classes and sermons are never enough. We created a biblical method of marriage mentoring that not only gets to the core but is very practical and easy to follow. I want to show you how we have helped thousands of marriages and churches build a powerful strategy that's lay-led. I also want to talk to pastors about strengthening their own marriages by meeting with one of our certified zoom mentors. It's anonymous and very effective. As goes your marriages, goes your church. Let us help you.

About Me

Matt Loehr, founder and president of Dare to be Different has led the organization on a national level training healthy married couples to mentor other couples in need of premarital preparation and couples at risk of divorce.

Married to his wife, Pam they both left their careers to pursue their passion and calling into the Marriage Ministry doing marriage conferences, seminars, workshops and classes.  

As an ordained minister, Matt has been involved in many different ministries throughout the years which give him a unique blend of insight and wisdom that touch people of all ages.   

Matt is an author of “Who’s Got Your Back” a book and study guide on accountability, and “Grown Apart” a book to help couples win their spouse back to the marriage and to walk with the Lord. He also authored “Discovery Cards” to help couples create better conversations when on a date.  

Matt has also authored a marriage mentoring technique that’s biblical and practical. He has trained over 50,000 mentors in 15 countries.

Matt also created a consulting ministry helping churches get healthy and thrive. He is a certified master level negotiator from MIT University.  

Matt enjoys fishing, hunting and golfing.  

Matt's passion to protect, build and strengthen marriages makes him a powerful advocate for healthy marriages in this country. 

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