Nancy Virden

Certified Mental Health Coach and Spiritual Mentor

Always The Fight Ministries

I will be speaking on:

Self-Care and Resilience for Church Leaders

Compassionate Boundaries: How Boundaries Free Us to Love Our Neighbor

Is it OK for a Christian, let alone a church leader, to say no to someone's legitimate need? How can it be godly to build boundaries? Isn't JOY Jesus, Others, then You? This session offers practical answers so you can say goodbye to burn-out, resentment, and feeling like the world (or church) runs your life. Discover why saying no is one of the healthiest things you can do for your congregation. We look at Jesus' example for guidance. 

Mental Health FAQ: Faith

Can mental health issues be healed through faith or spiritual practices alone?

Mental Health FAQ: Faith

How can I balance the importance of seeking professional help with the belief that God is sovereign and can heal all things?

Mental Health FAQ: Scripture/Resources

What are some encouraging Bible verses for Christians with mental health concerns?

Mental Health FAQ: Stigma

How can I address the stigma surrounding mental illness within the Christian community and work to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for people with mental illness?

About Me

Nancy Virden (CMHC) founded Always the Fight Ministries, a Christian mental health advocacy effort, following her resurrection from despair. The purpose of this advocacy is to inform churches and the general public on meaningful ways to support loved ones who fight mental illness or abuse, to draw a desperate population into the discovery of joy, and to openly discuss taboo topics with compassion. 

Since 2012, Nancy has reached out to the public at large and church groups via sharing her story, blogging, writing books, using social media, and as a guest on radio/podcast shows. As a Certified Mental Health Coach and Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter, she sees clients individually and also facilitates Living Grace groups, featuring emotional resiliency training.

Always the Fight Ministries introduces a path to a new life that many have discarded – that of faith in God who loves with infinite love in Jesus Christ. Hope is real; it can also be eternal.

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