Noe Rivera

Chief Counseling Officer

Pastoral Transitions

I will be speaking on:

Self-Care and Resilience for Church Leaders

7 Reasons Why Pastors Need Counseling, Too (Bonus: 5 Cautions To Be Aware Of)

News alert, pastors are human just like the rest of us! They experience all of the emotions and ups and downs of life the same as everyone else. Yet, why is it that we expect them to have "have it all together" or not need the same supports that we do? With the rise and acceptance of counseling and therapy in our culture, one major group of people that could greatly benefit from counseling are ministry leaders and Pastors. In this talk, we will cover 7 reasons why Pastors need counseling, too. We will discuss how Pastors can experience loneliness and isolation, the burdens they carry, and how counseling can also serve the churches they serve in.

About Me

Noe Rivera is the Chief Counseling Officer for Pastoral Transitions, Inc. where they specialize in helping church leadership transition the outgoing pastor well, to serve the pastor and their family while preserving church unity. Noe is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles, California where he focuses on providing therapy to ministry leaders and missionaries. He received his Master's at Fuller Theological Seminary and Bachelor's at Azusa Pacific University. Noe is a former missionary, where he co-founded a missionary discipleship base in Guatemala. He is passionate about serving the church body, integrating spiritual and psychological tools to see the church fulfill its purposes in Christ.

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