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Self-Care and Resilience for Church Leaders

Killing Comparison

Insecurity plagues many of us, and Nona Jones believes that comparison is a big part of the problem. In her session, she tackles this subject head-on and offers a path to healing. Drawing from the story of King Saul and David in 2 Samuel 24, Jones examines the destructive nature of insecurity, which stems from a crisis of identity rather than just low self-esteem. When we tie our sense of security to subjective things like our job, appearance, or relationship status, we set ourselves up for a life of insecurity. Get practical, down-to-earth advice that will help you pursue a life of joy and freedom.

About Me

Nona Jones is a rare combination of preacher, business executive, author, and entrepreneur. Her corporate leadership includes serving as the Head of Global Faith Partnerships at Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, Chief External Affairs Officer for a multi-state school for at-risk girls and Public Policy Director for a multi-service utility company. She has simultaneously served in ministry, preaching around the world while serving alongside her husband in leading the Open Door Church community in Gainesville, Florida. She has authored three books, including Killing Comparison, Success from the Inside Out and From Social Media to Social Ministry, the globally acclaimed guide to digital discipleship for churches.

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