Randy Miller

Pastor & Entrepreneur

Nova Vita Mental Wellness Center

I will be speaking on:

Supporting and Ministering to Those with Mental Health Issues

How to More Easily Meet the Mental and Emotional Needs of Your Community

When we think about meeting all the emotional and mental needs in our communities, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. This leaves us paralyzed and immobile. However, there are simple steps you can take that, over time, will result in giving hope to people broken by life's circumstances. Hear how one church in Houston, Texas is creatively meeting the mental and emotional needs of their community.

About Me

Experiencing firsthand the positive impact of faith integrated professional counseling, Randy seeks to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of every individual in any community he serves.

Randy has served as a pastor in New York City, Nashville, Detroit, and Houston. With over 20 years of training in the “best in class” strategic planning tools, Randy provides visionary and strategic leadership to every church and nonprofit he serves. 

Randy has demonstrated experience in advancing the vision of community transformation through mental and emotional wellness. He accomplishes this by building community partnerships, expanding mental health services and increasing donor engagement.

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