Sean Badeer

Director of Partnerships

Leadership Pathway

I will be speaking on:

Self-Care and Resilience for Church Leaders

Nurturing Resilience in Young Church Leaders: Strategies for Success

Church Leadership is a career filled with unique emotional challenges. Resilience is a key trait in leaders who find success, but how do you develop resilience? The key to understanding resilience is to look at the youngest leaders in the church and examine what causes them to either drop out of ministry at a young age or stay in ministry for the long haul.

About Me

Sean is a Nebraska native who has spent the last decade serving churches and church leaders. While working at a Christian college in Church Relations and Recruiting, his passion for the local Church and finding the next generation of church leaders was fueled. He’s served as a pastor with Connections and Community Life at a church in the Denver area. He now serves as the Director of Partnerships for Leadership Pathway, a non-profit committed to helping churches develop the next generation of church leaders.

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