William Vanderbloemen

CEO & Founder


I will be speaking on:

Self-Care and Resilience for Church Leaders

Stress Free Succession

Pastoral rest is more critical now than ever. The best thing you may be able to do for your congregation is to take a break or get the proper help you need. In this season post the pandemic, it is crucial to check on your culture and see how your people are doing and how they may need to recover. Because of the stress of a global pandemic, early retirement has created a stir in the job market and led people to consider starting their succession plans sooner than before. Whether you have considered your own succession plan or are being affected by someone else's, it is vital to make sure you are prepared for what comes next. In this talk, William Vanderbloemen will walk through what a stress-free succession can look like.

About Me

William Vanderbloemen, Founder and CEO of Vanderbloemen Search Group, is the author of Next: Pastoral Succession That Works, which has served thousands of churches in their journey up to a pastoral succession. Vanderbloemen has helped navigate the succession conversation as it emerges in churches. William is frequently asked to speak to denominations, conferences, and networks of pastors on succession planning and pastoral transitions. 

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