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Building A Mentally Healthy Church Culture

  1. What Does the Bible Say About Common Mental Health Stigmas? - Aaron Hoover
  2. Organizational Culture & Mental Health - Jenni Catron
  3. Behavioral Health Ministry: 5 Reasons Why It’s Your Church’s Most Lasting Impact - Karl Benzio, MD
  4. Reimagining Mental Health Support Groups into a Discipleship Growth Experience - Joe Padilla
  5. Cultivating Restorative Community in (Mostly) White Spaces - Jon Pyle
  6. Creating Supportive Community Groups In Your Church For Caregivers of Children with Mental Health Diagnoses - Bronwyn Murphy
  7. 5 Ingredients for Your Church to Care and Support Everyone's Mental Health - DJ Chuang
  8. Mental Health Ministry In A Large Church Setting - Craig Johnson
  9. Compassionate Boundaries: How Boundaries Free Us to Love Our Neighbor - Nancy Virden
  10. 3 Ideas to Cultivate a Community of Healing – Dan Hyun
  11. Assisting Members in Your Congregation in Need of Mental Health Services – Dr. Alesia Greene
  12. The Mental Health Crisis in the Church that No One is Talking About – Dr. Steve Grcevich
  13. Creating a Safe Culture for People to Pursue Mental Health - Dr. Brent Saathoff
  14. Turn Your Small Groups into Healing Communities - Tim Rule
  15. Why Your Church Needs a Mental Health Inclusion Strategy - Dr. Steve Grcevich
  16. Mental Health and the Church: You Can Love Jesus & Have A Therapist - Dr. Crystal Collier
  17. Troubled Marriages in the Church? How to Respond – Marcy Pusey
  18. 4 Ways To Make Your Church a Safe Space for People Struggling with Mental Heath– Brett Ullman
  19. Mental Health and the Church: The Struggle is Real - Dr. Jared Pingleton
  20. The Next Pandemic: Mental Health Care in the Church – Dr. Jared Pingleton
  21. How to Create Cultures of Care That Strengthen Resources – Laura Howe
  22. 3 Steps to Building A Sustainable Care Ministry - Laura Howe
  23. How to Create a Successful Mental Health Ministry - Catherine Boyle
  24. A Church-Initiated Mental Health Strategy - Kay Warren
  25. The Accessible Church – Kerri-Ann Hayes
  26. The Church's Role In Addressing Mental Health - Amanda Porter, PhD
  27. Why Improve Mental Health in Asian American Churches and How - DJ Chuang
  28. Recognizing the Challenges of First-Time Visitors with Mental Health Concerns - Stephen Grcevich, MD

Church Leadership

  1. Coping with Toxic Stress: Strategies for Church Leaders to Heal from Burnout - Ann-Marie Covert
  2. How to Last in Ministry - Kay Warren
  3. Killing Comparison - Nona Jones
  4. How to More Easily Meet the Mental and Emotional Needs of Your Community - Randy Miller
  5. Coping with Stress: How Leaders Can Coach Themselves and Their Team - Brandie Green
  6. How To Cope With Where We Are Today – William Vanderbloemen
  7. Standing Firm When Ministry Is Hard: Building a Solid Foundation - Gary Sinclair
  8. Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma in the Church: A Strategy for Debriefing - Pamela Young
  9. The Power of Contentment in Ministry Leadership - Marc Brule
  10. 7 Reasons Why Pastors Need Counseling, Too (Bonus: 5 Cautions To Be Aware Of) - Noe Rivera
  11. Vicarious Trauma and the Resilient Leader - Steven Millette
  12. Enduring Ministry: How to Identify and Alleviate Negative Aspects of Chronic Stress in Your Ministry – Dr. Jackson Hester
  13. Stress Management, Overfunctioning, and Happiness Hacks - Dr. Merry C. Lin
  14. Build A Strategic Marriage Ministry In Your Church - Matt Loehr
  15. Stress Free Succession - William Vanderbloemen
  16. Blessed Is The Pastor Who Mourns - Emily Andersen
  17. #leadstrong: Learning about Mental Health, Faith, and Leadership - Mindy Caliguire
  18. Using Technology to Draw People Close - Russ Jones
  19. Storytelling and Stress - How God Heals Through Your Story - Marcy Pusey
  20. Technology for Good - Neil Ahlsten
  21. Leading Through Vulnerability – Dr. Mark Mayfield
  22. Take Courage: Winning the War on Fear - Greg Atkinson
  23. Back Stage Community: Battling Isolation in a Front Stage World – Jimmy Dodd
  24. Learning from Your Youngest Leaders - Sean Badeer
  25. Dear Pastor, Here's What’s Missing from Your Ministry: Internal Family Systems (IFS) – Audrey Davidheiser, PhD
  26. Leading Through the Lens of Our Own Mental Health - Daniel Whitehead
  27. Moving From Mental Health Awareness to Action - Joe Padilla
  28. Value Conflicts with Clients in Counseling - Seth Scott

Family Mental Health

  1. Lonely and Isolated Kids: The New Crisis for Gen Z and Gen Alpha - Dr. Mark Mayfield
  2. Understanding the Next Generation - Savannah Kimberlin
  3. Cultivate That Which Is Dormant: A Call for Older Adults to Thrive - Rev. HIlda R. Davis, PhD, LPC
  4. Joining the Movement Toward Mental Health in the Asian American Church - Jess Cho Kim
  5. Nurturing Resilience in Young Church Leaders: Strategies for Success - Sean Badeer
  6. Kids & Mental Health: Challenges and Hope – Sissy Goff & David Thomas
  7. Revitalize Your Older Adult Ministry - Rev. Hilda R. Davis, PhD, LPC

Grief & Trauma

  1. Learning to Mourn: Worden's Four Tasks of Mourning - Gabriel Lowe
  2. Grief Does Not Expire - Rachel R. Jackson
  3. 5 Practical Ways to Walk with Others Through Tragedy - Dylan Dodson
  4. How the Church Should Respond to Mental Health Issues and Grief - Matthew Ward
  5. Dealing with Forgiveness and Trauma - Greg Atkinson
  6. Fatherlessness, Counseling and the Gospel – Legin
  7. Responding Well to Domestic Abuse – Joy Forrest
  8. Crisis Care and Counseling – George Youstra

Healing Emotional & Spiritual Wounds

  1. Church Rehab: When Spirituality Hurts - Dr. Cassie Reid
  2. Why Won't My Feelings of Church Hurt Go Away? – Nate Brooks
  3. Spiritual First Aid – Jamie Aten and Kent Annan
  4. Relationship: The Key that Unlocks all Chains - Tina Smith
  5. Becoming Emotionally Healthy Christians - Debra Fileta
  6. Healing the Heart Wounds of Ministry - Pastor Brad Hoefs

Holistic Mental Health: Faith & Practical Strategies

  1. The Intersection of Faith and Mental Health - Rev. Dr. Que English
  2. Developing Emotional Maturity - Matt Adair
  3. Serious Mental Illness: What Every Pastor Ought to Know About SMI - Katie R. Dale
  4. Looking Beneath the Surface - Daniel Hyun
  5. Embracing Forgiveness: Letting Go of the Myth of Righteous Anger - Brant Hansen and Barry Sneed
  6. Understanding the Journey of Trauma & Grief - Ly Tran
  7. How Beauty Makes Us Whole - Ken Shigematsu
  8. Dealing with Burnout and Exhaustion in Ministry - Sovann Pen
  9. Mental Health Gauge – Dr. Brent Saathoff
  10. Peace is Possible...Regardless of Your Circumstances. - Mary Tutterow
  11. Dialectical Behavior Therapy Model and Emotion Regulation Resources - Kristina Harutoonian
  12. Finding Freedom - Carlos Whittaker
  13. Working in Ministry with ADHD – Justin Nava
  14. One Thing That Can Make All the Difference - DJ Chuang
  15. Four Kinds of Energy to Monitor and Manage - Marc BrulΓ©
  16. Mental Wholeness for Leaders of Color - Dan Hyun
  17. Two Truths and a Lie About Mental Disorders – Christine Chappell
  18. Six Small Actions That Will Make A Big Difference – Daniel Whitehead
  19. The Pillars of Soul Care - Michael Crawford
  20. Recovering Hope - Dr. Lyndon Wall
  21. What Christians with Mental Health Challenges Need to Hear - Pierce Hibbs
  22. Mental Health Is Physical Health - Sharon J. Lawrence
  23. Why Your Body Matters to Your Mental Health – Lainey Greer
  24. Mental Health Ministry: The Struggle is Real! - Dr. Jared Pingleton

Loneliness, Anxiety & Depression

  1. Anxiety in the Church: Understanding and Supporting Those Affected - Dr. Sara Blakeney
  2. Getting to the Bottom of Your Anxiety - Curtis Chang
  3. Do You Know What It's Like... - Keris Myrick
  4. 3 Things an Anxiety Sufferer Wishes the Church Would Communicate - Jonathon Seidl
  5. How God's Response to Depression Should Inform Ours - Aaron Hoover
  6. Neurotheology – Ben Courson
  7. The Power of 8's: Healthy Habits to Help You Beat Anxiety – Greg Atkinson
  8. God Opening Doors Through Anxiety - Craig Constantinos
  9. Now what? Supporting spouses and loved ones of those with anxiety, OCD, or depression – Jonathon M. Seidl
  10. How Churches and Christian Counselors Connect - Jeremy Smith
  11. 2 Keys To Building A Life You Don’t Want To Escape From - Carey Nieuwhof
  12. How Pastors Can Respond To Depression - Jeremy Smith

Self Care

  1. 5 Ways to Practice Self-Care - Ashley Aucker
  2. When Helping You Is Hurting Me: Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue - Dr. Eric Scalise
  3. Seven Types of Rest for Improved Energy, Creativity, and Productivity - Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
  4. Self-Care Practices for Church Leaders: Personal Retreat Days - Evan McBroom
  5. How to Know If Burnout is Near & And What To Do About It. - John Opalewski
  6. 99 Self-Care Techniques for Christians - Jeremy Smith
  7. The Power of Self-Awareness and the Importance of Self-Care - Jackie Brewster
  8. Designing Your Life for Soul Health – Mindy Caliguire
  9. Music is a Powerful Gift From God - Jay Stocker
  10. Your Health Matters "Believe it, Receive it, Act on It." - Rev. Jermine Alberty
  11. Thriving in a Perfect Storm - Chuck Mingo
  12. Managing Relationships For Personal Health – Marc Brule
  13. Learning Christian Coping Skills For Stress When On The Go – Jeremy Smith
  14. 5 Myths You Must overcome In Order to Conquer Stress - Vernon L. Williams
  15. Taking Care of Yourself – Chris Russo
  16. Interruptions! – Rev. Odell Montgomery Cooper
  17. Overcoming Burnout Using Your God-Given Inner Blueprint – Gary Williams
  18. The Counterintuitive Life: Don't Let Circumstances Define Your Emotional and Spiritual Wellness - Dr. Charity Byers
  19. Loving God with All Your Strength - William Vanderbloemen
  20. Smart Phone Sanity - David Eaton
  21. Mental Health and The Next Generation – Sean Badeer
  22. Self-Compassion in Ministry Leadership – Kristen Harness
  23. Self-Care is Biblical – Latrese Kabuya
  24. What’s Your Disaster Lunch? How Vulnerable Community Can Help You Remember Your Identity – Kathie Slusser Carlson
  25. The Most Important Spiritual Practice for Self-Care This Year is Stillness - Zac Workun

Suicide & Suicide Prevention

  1. Church Leaders’ Role in Suicide Prevention - Dr. Karen Mason
  2. How I Fight Suicide Battles - Heather Palacios
  3. Hope and Healing After a Suicide Loss in Your Church – Michele Madden

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