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It’s time for the church to address mental health.

Join us for Thrive & Cultivate:
A Mental Health Summit for Church Leaders

May 11-12, 2022  |  Online Event


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It’s time for the church to address mental health.

Join us for Thrive & Cultivate: A Mental Health Summit for Church Leaders

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Caring for mental health is necessary. 

During the Thrive & Cultivate Summit, we’ll be focusing on caring for your own mental health, as well as the mental health of your community. These topics can be difficult to approach at times, especially in a church setting. This often happens because people don’t have awareness of the issues, or the language to discuss them in a healthy way.

You’ll hear from professionals, practitioners, and leaders, who work every day to normalize mental health struggles in order to help our brothers and sisters in times of trial. Join us to change the way the church talks about mental health.

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We know that as a church leader, you want to gain knowledge
that can help you improve your own mental health, while also supporting and equipping your congregation.

The problem is, the church has done a poor job equipping people to address mental health issues. You may feel like you don't have the skills or tools to care for yourself, or meet the needs of others. It shouldn’t be so difficult to get help for mental health issues.

We’ve worked in the church and we know how difficult and overwhelming it can be. That's why we’ve collaborated with professionals in multiple disciplines to provide the resources necessary to equip church leaders like you.

If you register for the Thrive & Cultivate Summit, we will provide you with the resources you need and welcome you into a community of ongoing support.

Register for free today, or download the most recent issue of the Thrive & Cultivate Magazine.

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"Conference was well organized, free, easy to access and attend, convenient, and very informative. Presentations were all well done and professional…thank you!"



– Carmen

"So much great content, it really elevated the importance of mental health. It was so convenient to access and with the Replay Pass! I look forward to letting other members of my teams see some highlights. Love the workbook, love the comments, love the prizes, love the hosts."

– Cindy

"I liked the variety of backgrounds and experiences of the speakers. I also appreciated their culture/age/gender diversity. I enjoyed having short talks with the option to click to learn more and access resources."


– Heather



During last year's summit, we heard sessions including:

  • 2 Keys To Building A Life You Don’t Want To Escape From
  • A Church-Initiated Mental Health 
  • Mental Health Is Physical Health
  • Mental Wholeness for Leaders of Color
  • Four Kinds of Energy to Monitor and Manage
  • For a full list of last year's topics and speakers, click here.



Track 1

The first track of the event will focus on self-care for pastors and church leaders. Our speakers will teach you strategies to help you thrive in your leadership role while making sure that you're taking care of yourself. 

Track 2

Track 2 will focus on mental health as a ministry. Our congregations and communities need care and support now more than ever. Learn how your church can address their needs in meaningful ways.

You don't want to miss out on this on-demand event. It's a fantastic resource filled people who are passionate about helping others live well, both inside and outside the church walls. We hope that by watching you will gain access to practical tools and find encouragement from other leaders who have been where you are now.

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Check out some of this year's sessions:

Now what? Supporting Spouses & Loved Ones of Those with Anxiety, OCD, or Depression
Categorizing and Cultivating Healthy Relationships
10 Ways to Make your Church a Safe Space for People Struggling with Mental Health
Mitigating and Managing Ministry Minefields: How to Thrive in Leadership
Overcoming Burnout Using Your God-Given Inner Blueprint
Designing your Life for Soul Health
Church Hurt & Trauma Responses
Spiritual First Aid: A Step-by-Step Guide
Dear Pastor, Here's What’s Missing from Your Ministry: Internal Family Systems (IFS)
The Importance of Practicing Self-Compassion in Ministry and Leadership
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Meet Your Hosts

Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng is the founder and CEO of Big Click Syndicate, a strategic content marketing agency that helps nonprofits, cause-driven & faith-based ministries/churches build and engage their core audiences. Big Click Syndicate has created and managed performance-based marketing campaigns for brands such as the American Bible Society, Biblica, California Baptist University, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and the United Methodist Church. Connect with Kenny @KennyJahng on Twitter or Insta,, or LinkedIn through his #DailyKJTV vlog.

Connect with Kenny

Katie Allred

Katie Allred is a marketer, social media strategist, and professor. She is an expert in online communities for nonprofits, churches, and businesses of all sizes. Katie believes that no matter the needs of her clients, there are always new ways to connect with their community through websites and social media. Her passion lies in helping other church leaders effectively communicate their message on the internet, and she does this through, which offers resources such as podcasts and articles about best practices.

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Meet the Speakers

William Vanderbloemen

Founder & CEO

Sissy Goff, M.Ed., LPC-MHSP

 Director of Child and Adolescent Counseling
Daystar Counseling Ministries

Rev. Odell Montgomery Cooper

Founder & Owner
Interruptions: Disrupting the Silence

Dr. Mark Mayfield

Author, speaker, leadership coach, & professor

Dr. Alesia Greene

Medical Director

David Thomas, L.M.S.W

Director of Family Counseling
Daystar Counseling Ministries

George Youstra

Director of Government & Military Relations
Merit Leadership

Kerri-Ann Hayes

Consultant/Children and Family Ministry Director
Ministry Architects and One Hope Church

Kathie Slusser Carlson

Curriculum and Care Specialist
InnerLife Ministries

Marcy Pusey

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor / Certified Trauma and Resilience Practitioner / Trauma-Certified Story Coach

Marc Brulé

Lead Pastor
WellSpring Community Church

Mindy Caliguire

Co-Founder and President/CEO
Soul Care

Latrese Kabuya

Mental Health Advocate

Jimmy Dodd

Founder & CEO

Brett Ullman

Speaker / Author
Worlds Apart

Lainey Greer

Women's Disciple Making Associate
Parkwood Baptist Church

Dan Hyun

Lead Pastor
Village Church Baltimore

Jonathon M. Seidl

Author, Finding Rest, & President of The Veritas Creative

Kristen Harness

Founder & CEO
GoodHeart Collaborative

Greg Atkinson

Founder of Worship Impressions & The First Impressions Conference

Audrey Davidheiser, PhD

Owner & CEO
Aim for Breakthrough

Gary Williams

Founder, Coach & Facilitator
Better Future International

Dr. Jared Pingleton

Co-Founder and President/CEO
Soul Care

Daniel Whitehead

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries

Justin Nava

Director of Communications
Cross Waves Church

Michele Madden

Director of Outreach and Support
Survivors of Suicide Loss (SOSL)

Jeremy Smith


Laura Howe

Hope Made Strong

Jamie Aten

Spiritual First Aid

Kent Annan

Spiritual First Aid

Alexandra Thompson

Founder and Director
Cumberland Counseling Centers

Dr. Steve Grcevich

President and Founder
Key Ministry

Nate Brooks

Assistant Professor
Reformed Theological Seminary

Christine Chappell

Outreach Director & Podcast Host
Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship

Sean Badeer

Director of Partnerships
Leadership Pathway

Jackson Hester

Lead Pastor
Mars Hill Church, Fairhope

Chris Russo

Campus Pastor
Seacoast Church

Ben Courson

Hope Generation


Hip Hop Artist & Speaker

Dr. Brent Saathoff

Lead Pastor
CityChurch San Antonio

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Some of last year's sessions also included:

  • Creating a Safe Culture for People To Pursue Mental Health
  • 5 Practical Ways to Walk with Others Through Tragedy 
  • Church Leaders’ Role in Suicide Prevention
  • Why Your Church Needs a Mental Health Inclusion Strategy
  • For a full list of last year's topics and speakers, click here. 

Session Lineup

Check out the full list of topics covered during the Thrive & Cultivate Summit!

  • Now what? Supporting spouses and loved ones of those with anxiety, OCD, or depression

  • Categorizing and Cultivating Healthy Relationships

  • 10 Ways to Make your Church a Safe Space for People Struggling with Mental Health

  • Learning Christian Coping Skills For Stress When On The Go
  • Normalizing A Needed Conversation

  • Interruptions: Disrupting the Silence

  • How To Cope with Where We Are Today

  • Spiritual First Aid: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Troubled Marriages in the Church? How to Respond 

  • Back Stage Community: Battling Isolation in a Front Stage World

  • Designing your Life for Soul Health

  • Mental Health Is Not A Bad Thing

  • What's Your Disaster Lunch? What moment will take you out of your calling and yourself?
  • Fatherlessness, Counseling, Forgiveness and the Gospel

  • The Importance of Mental Health in the Church Community

  • Outwardly Focused Mental Health Ministry

  • The Accessible Church

  • Two Truths and a Lie about Mental Disorders
  • Overcoming Burnout Using Your God-Given Inner Blueprint

  • Mitigating and Managing Ministry Minefields: How to Thrive in Leadership

  • Mental Health Care in the Church: The Struggle is Real

  • Building a Culture of Care Rather Than Just Offering Programs of Care

  • How to Properly Set Boundaries and Structure among Team Members with ADHD

  • The Church Can and Should Be Leading The Way

  • Enduring Ministry: How to Identify and Alleviate Negative Aspects of Chronic Stress in Your Ministry

  • The Importance of Practicing Self-Compassion in Ministry and Leadership

  • Theology of Human Embodiment: What is it and why it matters for mental health

  • Church Hurt & Trauma Responses

  • Sufficient Rest

  • The Bible and the Brain: A Guide to Mental Health

  • Work Your Faith: Addressing mental health with balance

  • Dear Pastor, Here's What’s Missing from Your Ministry: Internal Family Systems (IFS)

  • How to Support a Family in Your Church After a Loss

  • Mental Health and the Next Generation